Lacey and Collin - adventurous elopement in Swiss Alps

Postcard-perfect valley, nestled deep between high mountains, with 72 waterfalls. Inspiration for Goethe, Lord Byron and Tolkien. The Lauterbrunnen. I was thrilled when I received the message from Lacey, who has chosen this place for her elopement.
He came for her intimate wedding with her fiancé and the closest family and friends. They rented the chalet in Wengen - a small village above the Lauterbrunnen Valley, where you can reach only by train. And there, on the perfect warm and sunny September day, their adventure has begun. When I arrived at their chalet, the groom and the guest were just observing the helicopter flying above the valley, carrying some construction elements. Typical view in the small swiss villages, where huge cars have no access. If you are lucky, you can even see the 'flying cow' transported by heli. Welcome to Switzerland!
But let's get back to Lacey, Collin and their wedding day in Lauterbrunnen. When I met them that day, I was delighted by their relaxed and chill attitude. Groom was hanging with the other guys in front of the chalet, drinking beer and having fun. Bride was doing her makeup with her sister's help, sipping Prosecco. Kids were playing outside. Someone was preparing food for the picnic.
When everyone was ready, we took the bride's dress, drinks and snacks and started a short hike above Wengen. With a short stop in Coop supermarket to buy heaters for the bride's bouquet.  At some point a few cows met on the hiking trail blocked our way. But after short negotiations, they let us go, until we reached the wedding location -  alpine meadow with the breathtaking views of Lauterbrunnen Valley and surrounding mountain peaks - Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. Lacey went behind some wooden shepherd's hut to wear her wedding dress, while the others prepared the place. After a very romantic first look, the wedding ceremony led by the bride's mother has started. I loved the moving and personal speech combined with the handfasting - an ancient Celtic ritual that takes place before exchanging rings, where the hands of the bride and groom are tied together as a symbol of their bond and commitment to each other.
After the ceremony, bouquet toss, a few group photos and champagne toast, all guests stayed at the wedding location and enjoyed the picnic, while I took the newlyweds a little bit higher for a short mountain couple shoot. 
The couple has chosen a 2-days elopement photography package, in case of bad weather conditions which could force us to reschedule the outdoor wedding ceremony. Fortunately both days were awesome, so we decided to use the second day for a walk along the Lauterbrunnen valley and some candid photos of the wedding couples and their guests. In the afternoon Colin and Lacey jumped in their wedding gowns and we went by cable car to Mannlichen for a short after wedding photoshoot. Breathtaking views for Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen Valley plus swiss cows and amazing clouds create a great background for elopement photos. 
These were two unforgettable days filled with love and joy. 
Dear Lacey and Collin, thank you so much for allowing me to be there with you. It was such an honor meeting you and your loved ones and documenting your intimate wedding in Lauterbrunnen Valley.
american family hiking in Wengen above Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland meeting cows on their way
wedding couple during their first look before they intimate wedding in Switzerland photographed by adamiak photography
kameralny ślub w Wengen w Szwajcarii sfotografowany przez Adamiak Photography
Buquet toss above Lauterbrunnen Valley in Swiss Alps during Elopement in Switzerland
Bride opening champagne during her wedding in Switzerland in Bern area
hichzeitsapero in Wengen, Berghochzeit mit Panoramablick
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