Below you can find a few examples of personal branding photo sessions in Central Switzerland, both in my photo studio in Baar and other locations in Zurich, Luzern and Zug area. I attach the links and encourage you to check these amazing businesses ran by inspiring women entrepreneurs. I am very proud to work with them!
Amal Zayed - Nutrition and Holistic Health Coach

Amal is truly passionate about healthy food and lifestyle. She runs nutrition workshops and cooking classes, as well as 1:1 couching sessions. 
She needed some professional photos for her social media and website. For her branding shooting we decided to meet in a beautiful bright kitchen in Cham, which Amal has filled with colourful vegetables, fruits, aromatic spices and her good energy. 
You can see the results below. And if you are interested in a balanced, healthy nutrition, check Wonderliving website and Instagram:
What Amal said about her professional branding photo session:
"I can not be happier with the results!!! You did an amazing job!! The photos are beautiful and everything looks perfectly balanced. "
Monia Pyraki - Business and Life Coach

Monia is a coach based in Zurich who specialises in empowering women from around the world to thrive professionally and personally through the wellbeing programs and coaching. She helps them create and grow a business they love. You can find more about Monia here:
What Monia said about her photoshoot experience with me:
"If you are looking for an amazing photographer in Zurich this is Adamiak Photography. She is flexible - as a mum she understands that a schedule can change. Kasia is professional and fun to work with!"
Iris Prevejsek - Professional Massage Therapist in Zurich

Iris reached me at the begging of the year to create together professional photos for her holistic massage business. The mission of her brand Sense of Soma is to create a deeper healing experience by reconnecting with our body. After witnessing Iris giving the massage to her client, seeing her passion, devotion and kindness during the initial interview and massage itself, I truly believe that she is able to provide you the relaxing and healing experience. And I hope the photos we created together can reflect this atmosphere. You can reach Iris here:​​​​​​​
What Iris says about her personal branding photoshoot in Zurich:
"I've booked Kasia for a photoshooting for my massage business. I couldn't be happier to do so! She is very professional, knows what she's doing and is good at communicating. I have a deep appreciation for how she was able to capture my softness, passion and love that I have for massages. Photoshooting was a smooth and fun process and I can recommend Kasia's services to anyone."​​​​​​​
Lenka Unholtz - Personal Trainer in Zug

Lenka, the owner of Hi Form Physical Training, offers outdoor workouts, group and individual trainings in Zug. Her goal is to help people setting realistic goals and working towards them to achieve a higher level of fitness. Looking at her strength and vigor during our studio photo session in Baar, I believe that she is very effective. Check her website for more details:​​​​​​​
How Lenka finds the result of her personal branding photoshooting:
Dear Kasia, thank you so much for the photos! Your work is amazing, they have come out great :)  I am feeling very inspired and excited about our next photo shoot together! 
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