Love in the time of COVID-19 

In the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic COVID-19, with many restrictions and uncertainty prevailing in every news, in the midst of cold winter, these two beautiful souls Marissa and Niels decided to get married. And, because of the very limited number of people allowed to take part in the ceremony, I am honored to be their wedding photographer and witness. No pressure, right? :)
It was the beginning of February 2021. After many rainy days in Central Switzerland, the sun started to shyly break through the clouds. On Friday afternoon there were not many people on the streets of the old town of Zug. I immediately noticed Niels coming from the direction of Kolinplatz. He was a little stressed and happy at the same time. I took a few groom’s portraits near the Zug Townhall. Then the bride came. I’ve met Marissa before, during our family sessions. Every time she was smiling and cheerful. However, on her wedding day, she literally radiated joy. During their first look near the Zuger Clock Tower Zytturm, the sparkles of joy and love in Niels’ eyes confirmed how delighted he was.
Before the civil wedding ceremony in the beautiful late-gothic Zug Townhall, we took a few wedding couple portraits. Then we all wore our face masks and together with the bride’s brother we entered the Zuger Rathaus. It was a lovely intimate wedding ceremony in a beautiful historical Burgerratszimmer. 
After the ceremony we took a walk through a small but lovely Zuger Oldtown. The newlyweds did their first dance along the Unter Altstadt street. Then we headed towards the Zuger Lake. The afternoon winter light was just perfect for the wedding photos. The lovely kids of the newlyweds joined us with their nanny near Theater Casino Zug for a few family photos. Despite it being February, the atmosphere was warm and joyful. 
It is hard to deny that COVID-19 has stolen a lot from us. It forced us to change many plans. But it has also taught us that no matter what we as human race will always find a way to celebrate love.
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