Professional headshot
I am sure that I don't need to convince you, how important is the first impression. And the best way of making a great first impression online is with a high-quality headshot. As an experienced published photographer, cooperating with CEO Magazine, I understand all do’s and don't s when it comes to the business photography.
Price 100 CHF includes:
- 30 minutes photo session at my studio in Baar or on location**
- photos in two outfits and on two backgrounds
- 3 retouched high-quality digital photos, both in 2:3 format and 1:1 ratio, what is perfect for profile photo on LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc.*
If you are interesting on more complex shooting at your company, creating the content for your Website, social media or any other business session, please contact me, to set the details.
Newborn session
The best time to make a newborn session are the first two weeks after the birth. So it is worth to plan it at least a few weeks before the delivery date. Of course, the baby is the boss and decides when he/she will come, so we always schedule the final date after the arrival. The newborn session lasts up to 3 hours, what may seem like a long time, but the most of it is spent feeding, comforting and changing the baby. The newborn session is taking place at my studio, where I am able to provide appropriate health and safety conditions (temperature, etc.)>
Price 290 CHF includes:
- up to 3 hours photo session
- wrapped and unwrapped newborn poses
- family shoots
- dedicated props (blankets, headbands, basket and so on)
- 10 retouched high-quality photos*
- 10 photo prints in 13x18 cm size
Children session
This session can be made on special occasion, like birthday, Christmas, Easter, as a gift for family member or just not to let childhoods' memories fade away. We can arrange it at your home, at my studio or outdoor.**
Price 170 CHF includes:
- up to 45 minutes photo session
- 5 retouched high-quality photos*
- 5 photo prints in 13x18 cm size
Maternity session
Usually, the ideal time frame for maternity photos is around 7-8 months. At that point, your belly will be just the right size - big, beautiful and high, because the baby will not yet have started to move downward. Of course, every woman and every pregnancy is different. Some may prefer to make the session earlier, when they can easier move around, change positions, and pose. On the other hand, a lot of women feel and look gorgeous till the labour day. So the final decision is always yours. The outdoor maternity photoshoots are my favourite ones, but we can also arange it at your home, if you would feel more comfortable.**
Price 250 CHF includes:
- 1-1.5 hours photo session
- both woman and family shoots
- 10 retouched high-quality photos*
- 10 photo prints in 15x22 cm size
Family session
Let's have some fun together. Family cooking, pillow fight on the bed, your favorite outdoor sport or just walk at the park. During family lifestyle session I will capture you as a family unit as well as each family member with his/her unique personality.
Price 250 CHF includes:
- 1-1.5 hours indoor or outdoor photo session**
- both individual and family shoots
- dedicated photo props (dresses, floral hair rings, etc.)
- 10 retouched high-quality photos*
- 10 photo prints in 15x22 cm size
Are you interested in other session? Lifestyle, weeding or engagement shooting? Please contact me and we will set the details.

* The photos are chosen by you from the gallery of:
      - 5-6 photos in the professional headshot session
      - ca. 20 photos in the newborn and children session
      - ca. 30 photos in maternity and family session
    Additional photos can be purchased for 15CHF per piece
** I am available in all Switzerland, although additional travel fee will be applied, when traveling outside      the Canton Zug, depending on the distance
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